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  • June 21, 2005. New verison of "Gnoseo QuickRun" - 1.6. Fixed some minor bugs. Added opportunity to dispatch file by mail. Added opportunity to record the minutes of opened files.
  • April 01, 2005. New verison of "Gnoseo QuickRun" - 1.5. Fixed some minor bugs. Speed up processing of information. Added opportunity to move documents to original group. Added opportunity to show hints for current document. Added opportunity to run documents on behalf of another user
  • December 31, 2004. New version of the   "Electronic stick-notes" - 2.5.  Improved program's interface. Added opportunity to use hot keys for creation new notes. Added opportunity to show hints in dialogs. Added opportunity to postpone notes to the next period. Added opportunity to import information from early versions of "Electronic stick-notes".
  • "QuickRun" is developed. The program will help you to organize your work with frequently used files.
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 All our products have multilingual interface. It means that you can work with a program on your native language. You need only choose this language in program's settings dialog. It even doesn't require program's restart.

If you don't see your native language in settings dialog - don't worry. You can help us to translate a program into the other language and it will be appreciated. Send your translation to us, and you'll get free registration of the appropriate product.

Note. If you decide to start translation, please contact us without fail and tell in what language you are going to translate. We will explain how you can do it. Furthermore, may be we have already got such translation but haven't refreshed web site yet.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

"Gnoseo QuickRun" is the application, that allows users to launch files that had been opened earlier.
The application automatically adds recently opened files in its internal list. Moreover every file has been given the rating. The rating depends on numbers of files' launches. The more launches of a file, the more its rating. Files that have the lowest rating automatically has been deleted from "Gnoseo QuickRun" internal list. So there are only frequently used files in "Gnoseo QuickRun" internal list. All files are united in groups according their extensions. In addition there are six predefined groups:
  • Applications - recently launched applications.
  • Folders - recently opened folders.
  • Other files - recently opened files that haven't been associated with any application.
  • User-defined files - files that have been choosen with user.
  • Wasted files - files that have been opened seldom.
  • Forbidden files - files that would not be shown in "Gnoseo QuickRun" list.

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"Electronic stick-notes" is the electronic equivalent of notebook or paper notepad. You can use it for writing questions, your ideas, reminders and all others things you usually write in notebook. It can also store information that will be used in future.

"Electronic stick-notes" can store your information in database and remind of events you planned.
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You can see notes' interface below.

Sample of creaeted stick-noteSample of creaeted stick-note

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